Golf Wang Shirt


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Golf Wang has collaborated with skateboard shoe brand Vans starting in 2012. Golf Wang chose to try their designs on the Old Skool Pro "S" silhouette. The first collection in 2012, consisted bold color uppers with a gum sole. The second collection in 2014, consisted of three bold color ways of the model with a contrasting pink sole. After two successful collaborations with vans, Golf Wang was ready for a third collaboration. Similar of the previous releases, Golf Wang stuck with vibrant colors on the checkered Old Skool silhouette in 2015. They have made several different pairs and colors, including shoes with the Odd Future donut logo. Since then, Tyler has left Vans and has collaborated with American shoe brand Converse. The rapper and shoe company teamed up to design a special pair of shoes to promote Tyler's new album, Flower Boy. The style is known as "GOLF le FLEUR*". The first set of blue shoes were released on July 13, 2017, although members of the Golf 2016 fashion show were given a pair a few days before they were sold.