The Hound Kfc Cosplay


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One day, they learn of a particular grave, which sparks a profound interest in them, an old grave in a Holland cemetery, which holds a legendary tomb raider within. One who is said to have stolen, many years ago, a "potent thing from an mighty sepulcher. " One night, they travel into this old cemetery where the ancient “ghoul” was buried. The thought of exhuming the final resting place of a former grave robber is irresistibly appealing to them. That, and the fact that the body had been buried several centuries before, drives them to travel such long distances to reach the site. Upon reaching the old cemetery, they notice the distant baying of a giant hound. They ignore it and begin their excavation. After a while of digging, they hit a solid object in the ground. After clearing the last of the dirt from it, the two men unearth a strange and elaborately-made coffin. Upon opening the casket, they see that several places on the skeletal remains appear torn and shattered, as if attacked by a wild animal. Yet, the whole of the skeleton is still completely distinguishable. At that moment, they notice a jade amulet hanging from the “ghoul's” neck. They examine it and, after a bit of observation, they recognize the amulet as one mentioned in “the forbidden Necronomicon of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred. " They immediately know they must have the amulet at all cost. They remove it from the skeleton and flee into the night. As they do, they notice once again the continuous sound of a baying hound in the distance.