White Hispanics


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Based on the definitions created by the Office of Management and Budget and the U. S. Census Bureau, the concepts of race and ethnicity are mutually independent, and respondents to the census and other Census Bureau surveys are asked to answer both questions. Hispanicity is independent and thus not the same as race, and constitutes an ethnicity category, as opposed to a racial category, the only one of which that is officially collated by the U. S. Census Bureau. For the Census Bureau, ethnicity distinguishes between those who report ancestral origins in Spain or Hispanic America (Hispanic and Latino Americans), and those who do not (non-Hispanic Americans). As views on race vastly differ between Latin America and anglophone North America, many Hispanic Americans who identify as white in the United States are "castizo", "mestizo", or "mulatto"; according to Pew Research, "about four-in-ten of Hispanic respondents identifying as mestizo/mulatto say their race is white, while [only] one-in-five volunteered their race as Hispanic". The U. S. Census Bureau asks each resident to report the "race or races with which they most closely identify. "