American History X


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Derek lies in the hospital wing after receiving several stitches to his face and anus. He is visited by Sweeney, with whom he pleads for help to get out of prison. Sweeney informs him of Danny's involvement with the D. O. C. , and warns that he is on the same path as Derek. He says that his help is not free, and will need to be repaid by Derek's active decrying of the D. O. C. when he leaves prison. Upon leaving the hospital wing, Derek ignores the Aryan Brotherhood and Lamont warns him that by doing so, he is making it clear to all that he no longer has their protection and therefore "The Brothers", meaning the black gangs, will come for him. Derek admits he knows this but replies that if they're going to come for him, there's nothing he can do about it. He waits for an attack, but one never comes. He spends the remainder of his time in prison alone, reading books that Sweeney sends him. On his morning of release, he bids goodbye to Lamont and says that he thinks that Lamont may be the reason for him not getting attacked. Lamont denies this but his face gives away his true actions. Finally realizing the error of his ways, Derek leaves prison a changed man.