Hudson Bay


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Northern Hudson Bay has a polar climate (Köppen: ET) being one of the few places in the world where this type of climate is found south of 60 °N, going further south towards Quebec, where Inukjuak is still dominated by the tundra. From Arviat, Nunavut to the west to the south and southeast prevails the subarctic climate (Köppen: Dfc). This is because in the central summer months, heat waves can advance and leave the weather cool, where the average temperature of the month is above 10 °C. At the southern end in the extension known as James Bay arises the humid continental climate with a more pronounced and hot summer. (Köppen: Dfb) The average annual temperature in almost the entire bay is around 0 Â°C (32 Â°F) or below. Except for the James Bay area the average water temperature is only 7 Â°C (45 Â°F) to the south in January. Although the difference is small in summer in the extreme northeast, wintery temperatures are four to five degrees colder coming near −27 Â°C (−17 Â°F).