Lali Esposito


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From 2007 to 2012, Esp√ɬ≥sito, along with four other cast members from Casi √ɬĀngeles, was part of the teen pop band Teen Angels, which originated from the series. The group was commercially successful internationally, and toured throughout Argentina and countries such as Israel, Spain, Italy and Latin America. Esp√ɬ≥sito also sang in the soundtracks of Rinc√ɬ≥n de Luz and Chiquititas. Following her role in the unsuccessful 2011 telenovela Cuando me sonre√ɬ≠s and her portrayal of Abigail Williams in the Buenos Aires production of The Crucible, Esp√ɬ≥sito made her film debut in La pelea de mi vida in 2012, starring alongside Mariano Mart√ɬ≠nez and Federico Amador. In January 2013, she began acting in the television comedy Solamente Vos, as the daughter of Adri√ɬ°n Suar's character. In 2015, Esp√ɬ≥sito portrayed her first lead role on TV as "Esperanza" on Esperanza m√ɬ≠a. Its soundtrack album, in which she appeared on nine of the eleven tracks, received a platinum certification in Argentina for selling over 40,000 copies.