Reagan Tokes


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Golsby was arrested and interrogated by Detective Rick Forney. He admitted to forcing Tokes to drive to ATMs to make withdrawals and to forcing her to drive to the park. He told detectives that once they were at the park he ordered her to get out of the car, made her undress, and left her there. He initially denied having sexual contact with her and having a gun. Detectives then devised a new strategy. They suggested to Golsby that he must have had an accomplice. Golsby then made up a story where a man named “T. J” demanded money from him and told him he would harm his children if he didn’t give him any. He said that T. J forced him to rape Tokes at gunpoint. "I wanted to just run and call the cops, for real. I could have, but at the same time, I didn't want to put my babies in jeopardy" Golsby told detectives. At the park, T. J forced Tokes to undress and shot her in the head. Though detectives knew Golsby was lying about the accomplice, they pretended to believe him, causing him to lead them to more evidence.