State Department


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From 1790 to 1800, the State Department was headquartered in Philadelphia, the capital of the United States at the time. It occupied a building at Church and Fifth Streets (although, for a short period during which a yellow fever epidemic ravaged the city, it resided in the New Jersey State House in Trenton, New Jersey). In 1800, it moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D. C. , where it first briefly occupied the Treasury Building and then the Seven Buildings at 19th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The State Department moved several times throughout the capital in the ensuing decades, including Six Buildings in September 1800; the War Office Building west of the White House in May 1801; the Treasury Building once more from September 1819 to November 1866 (except for a period between September 1814 to April 1816, during which it occupied a structure at G and 18th Streets NW while the Treasury Building was repaired); the Washington City Orphan Home from November 1866 to July 1875; and the State, War, and Navy Building in 1875.