The Voice Greece 2017


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The first stage of the show is not broadcast. The producers of the show audition all the artists that submitted their selves through the form on the website. The selected by the producers artists proceed to the blind auditions where they have to perform for the coaches. However, what differs from the other reality shows and as the stage's name indicates, the coaches do not see the artist performing as they face the audience. If the coaches like the performance, they hit their button which shows that they want to mentor the act. If more than one hits the button, the singer has the opportunity to select the coach of his preference. If only one hits the button, the singer is defaulted to his team. However, if none of the coaches hit the button, the artist is eliminated. Since season 5, a new twist called "Block" is featured, which allows one coach to block another coach from getting a contestant. While the singer is performing at the blind auditions, his relatives or friends are at a room, known as the "family room" where they watch him performing. Along with the relatives and friends the host, Giorgos Liagkas (season 1–2) Giorgos Kapoutzidis (season 3–), is with them. Each coach has a team of sixteen acts selected from the blind auditions and as soon as they have their sixteen acts, they cannot press their button. Sixty four out of the selected by the producers proceed to the next stage, the battle phase.